The advantages and disadvantage

The advantages and disadvantage of Online Marketing

Website Marketing means marketing of your service or product over the web. Online Marketing enables you to market your services and products online at a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing.

Internet Marketing includes development of a strategy appropriate to your websiste to promote your company online. It binds together creative and technical areas of the web including development layout, ad and sale.

Business models that are different are involved by internet Marketing.

Some of the procedures of internet Marketing are:

Banner Ad positioning

Internet search engine placement

Search engine optimization

E mail newsletters

Link building

Article submission

Affiliate Marketing

Online direct selling

Pay per click advertising

On-Line Public Relations

Internet Marketing is the buzz word now. It has many advantages.

Cater to special interests - Online Marketing and geo-marketing is a type of Marketing that appeals to specific interests and preferences rather than a comprehensive demographic.

Geo- advertising: Content that is different can be delivered by one according to geographical location, IP address, ISP of the customer.

The consumer can exercise her or his choice of information

Relatively cheap- On-Line Marketing costs minimum in comparison to other media like TV and print. There is no need to invest on premises that are physical. It involves a portion of the traditional marketing budget.

Global business-

Measuring statistics is not difficult -Nearly all aspects of online Marketing plan could be traced, measured and analyzed. Advertisers can employ a variety of means pay per play or pay-per activity.

Accountability- Internet Marketing vests advertisers with a larger level of liability.

In spite of these edges not all companies are online oriented due to the following disadvantages:

You could get involved in unethical or illegal practices. Another disadvantage is the fact that sometime company is such that it demands a physical demonstration and needs to be concrete to the consumer. Or you could be targeting a consumer who's not computer savvy. Additionally, many customers aren't going to be secure doing online transactions with their charge card.

But Online Marketing hertfordshire seo services is an idea that is hot and happening. Most customers browse the Internet to find the things they desire before they see a store. Out of all local business hunts, users' search is followed up by 86% of they or a visit to the shop. Of those, 61% end up making a purchase. Thus the need for Online Marketing.